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Rosato, Halara

Rosato, Halara

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The Halara project isformed by 6 very friendly and talented winemakers who took inspiration from the philosophy in Greece where Halarà to the Hellenic translation of "do it calmly" or, if you prefer, "relax and reflect". The idea then arose from the moment in which this blessed vineyard, not far from the vineyards of Nino Barraco, risks being lost forever, so our farmers roll up their hands and decide to keep it. The Marsalese sapling plants grow in Marsala with a beautiful northern exposure, kissed by the sun and the Mediterranean wind. The white berry is from Catarratto and the red berry from Parpato, an almost extinct grape and on which I have been loses premium vinifications and if positive positive responses have increased. The group of 6 talented winemakers is made up of Nino Barraco, Giovanni Scarfone (Bonavita), Francesco Ferreri (Tanca Nica), Corrado and Valeria Dottori (La Distesa), Francesco De Franco (A 'Vita) and Stefano Amerighi from that of Cortona. 


  • Rose Wine
  • 100% Parpato
  • Vinified in steel tanks
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