A bit of History

Wine and olive oil were indispensable commodities in the ancient world. Both were celebrated for their symbolic meanings – grapes as symbols of life and renewal and olive trees as symbols of longevity and health. From the earliest days of western civilization wine and olive oil have been traveling partners since their origins in Asia Minor. 

Olive oil is following the same sophisticated path -the same appreciation and awareness for the environment have spread to lovers of olive oil. Knowledge and request for specific olive cultivars (Frantoio, Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki) and particular producers of extra virgin olive oil are becoming more common. Selecting the most appropriate olive oil is as important as the correct entrée’s wine pairing.

Our store

In Roots vin butik you will find products made at “Full Consciousness” meaning that their elaboration helps to sustain quality production at risk of extinction, revealing unique regions and ecosystems, recover traditional processing methods, safeguard native breeds or local and autochthonous grape/olive varieties. Very important for us is the balance between Environmental and Social sustainability, in other words, we just don´t give value to excluding synthetic chemical substances, maintaining traditional farming we also believe in the cultural and social impact. The producers must have an active role and total autonomy in the management of their activity to generate revenue and work overtime and to achieve eco-efficiency, in the rational use of available resources but at the same time safeguarding and preserving cultural practices that are in risk of vanishing, preserving biodiversity and guaranteeing the integrity of ecosystems.

Felix and FuCoWine

Felix is one of the most celebrated sommeliers in Copenhagen, especially known for his amazing work at the Michelin Restaurant Brace in Copenhagen and the wine import company FuCo Wine. FuCo Stands for “Full Consciousness”- which summarises Felix's criteria where *Sustainability, *Diversity, *History, and *Respect -are the keywords.