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Maskarada was born 20 years ago in Lekunberri (Navarra) by the idea of the Jauregui Family. Their goal was to rescue the local swine breed Euskal Txerri or Pío Negro Vasco that is at risk of extinction -in the mid-'80s there were just 50 of them- by creating a sustainable meat production farm balancing the swine natural habitat and population growth.

These “Happy Pigs” live free-range in a forest of 80,000 surrounded by all kinds of trees and bushes providing them food and shadow! (Hazelnuts, Chestnuts, Holly trees, European beech). The Jauregui family runs a “closed-Cycle Pig Farm”, they are in charge of every single step from choosing the best genetics, raising the pigs, curing the meats in their own cellar until serving them in their restaurant!

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