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What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small data file that we store on your computer in order to keep track of what is happening during your visit and to recognize the computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.

Website use of cookies
Cookies are needed to make the website work. Cookies also help us get an overview of your visit to the website, so that we can continuously optimize and target the website to your needs and interests. Cookies remember, for example, what you have put in the shopping cart, whether you have previously visited the page, whether you are logged in and what language and currency you would like the website to have.
Here is the overview of the website's use of cookies and our partners in this regard:

  • The basket uses a cookie to keep track of all the good things you put into it.
  • We use FDIH's cookiescript to find out if you have been informed of the website's use of cookies. FDIH does not store any data for this cookie.

  • When videos are embedded on the page are via YouTube. YouTube uses cookies to record which video is displayed and how much of the movie you have watched. YouTube cookies are so-called Flash cookies.
  • A statistics cookie is stored about your visit - it is deleted daily.
  • We use Google Analytics to analyze how users use the site. The information the cookie collects about your use (traffic data, including your IP address) is sent to and stored on Google's servers in the United States. You can opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here:
  • To avoid scammers, we use Sift that analyzes purchasing behavior.

MARKETING - anonymous tracking across websites
  • Cookies from Facebook are used to display a "like" button and information about which of your Facebook friends likes. Facebook also gives access to a statistics tool (Facebook Insights) that shows information about the use of Facebook.

MARKETING - Targeted Advertising
  • An ad cookie is stored on your computer from AdRoll. This cookie does not collect any personal information such as name, email, address or telephone number. It is also used to remember which advertisements you have opted out.
  • You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you use. However, please note that if you do, there are many features and services that you cannot use because they require the website to remember the choices you make.

Cookies that you have previously accepted can subsequently be easily deleted. If you use a PC with a newer browser, you can delete your cookies using the shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete

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