Cheese & Meats

Our import of cheese and cured meat follows the same philosophy of our Wines. Small-scale farms with full consciousness of the environment aiming for top quality. Apart from matching excellent with wine, they have other things in common such as rescuing an animal breed or a cultivar at risk of extinction, enriching our Gastronomic Biodiversity!

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Work exclusively with the Euskal Txerria breed of pig, a local breed from Navarra that they found produces very high quality meats. a pig that only escaped extinction due to the efforts of the local people. Maskarada’s work starts at their farm, where they study, breed and care for the animals.
Sant’Ambrogio, Øko Certified
Founded in 1970, strictly without the use of preservatives to guarantee the quality and naturalness of the products.
ArtigianQuality, Øko Certified
A craft laboratory of Mortadella production in the historic center of Bologna, run by two brothers and rooted in the long experience of their father. Everything is done in a craftsmanship way, High quality raw materials are selected with great care, such as the meat of the Mora Romagnola native swine breed. No by-producrs, flours, milk derivates, chemicals or emulsifier aromas are used.
La Longarola, Øko Certified / Biodynamic
Breeding black parma pigs in a semi-wild state for more than 10 years. They have chosen this ancient breed of our lands both to make a contribution to the maintenance of biodiversity and for its unique and superior organoleptic characteristics. the pigs are born and raised in large pens where they are feed  almost exclusively with cereals and legumes produced in the farm.

Salumificio Falcone, Øko Certified
In keeping with the grand tradition of Calabrian salami, the Salumificio Falcone introduces itself as a creator of the highest quality handcrafted meat products. The company offers an outstanding range of products, divided into 4 lines:‘A Chianca – Bio: our top line, with 100% organic meat; the “Linea tradizionale” (traditional line), made with guaranteed certified Italian meat; the “Linea Falcone 1846”, completely free of preservatives; the “Linea Suinonero – l’Autentico Calabrese”, made from the meat of the native “Suinonero” (black pig), raised in the wilderness of our territory, where the air is the purest in Europe*.
La cabezuela
Delicate hand-salting allows for the flavor expression of the fresh goat milk with grassy and herbal notes. This cheese traces its lineage back to 1750 when it was a family farm cheese. It is catalogued in the Ministry of Agriculture list of Traditional Cheeses. During the two months of maturation, a natural mold develops, resulting in an edible white rind and upon tasting, leaves an aftertaste of fresh wild mushrooms.
Cortes de muar
Cortes de Muar is a company run by the second generation of a family of artisan cheese-makers from the Deza region, a beautiful valley in the centre of Galicia. Their cheeses are made in a traditional and ecological way, resulting in a limited production characterised by care and dedication.
Their way of working is backed by years of experience; although far removed from today’s serial production systems, it is the basis of an excellent product with a unique taste that evokes tradition, a soft and creamy texture that can only be obtained from a slow production method, and a sweet and pleasant aroma.
Apart from the care and affection that goes into each cheese, it is essential to use quality ingredients. Cortes de Muar obtains the best milk from local suppliers, whose cows graze freely in fields of fresh, green grass and are gathered into barns to rest at night.
Parmigiano Reggiano – Ciao Latte, Øko Certified
Azienda Agricola Biologica Ciao Latte offers a complete production supply chain, from the cowshed to the direct sale of organic products inside the shop. Information and nutrition education to schools and groups on the nutritional properties of the king of cheeses. The company, an example of a family-run business that respects the environment and tradition, produces and matures Parmigiano Reggiano and other dairy products as well as packaged and organic fresh products.
Pecorino Sardo – Debbene Bussu, Øko Certified
Gianfranco and Salvatore Bussu, in addition to producing excellent cheeses, are first of all shepherds and have been managing their company in a strictly organic way for over ten years. The Debbene Dairy is located in Sardinia, on the Campeda plateau, in the municipality of Macomer, in the province of Nuoro.