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Maria Pettena, Piergraziano Sannas

Maria Pettena, Piergraziano Sannas

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Piergraziano Sanna produces wine in Mamoiada, in the Nuoro area, in the locality of     "Sa 'e Ghippadu": his wines speak the language of the land from which they come, in total respect of nature and without any use of chemistry. The wines produced are mainly three, and each of them bears a name of Sardinian popular culture: the Cannonau in purity (75% young vineyard grapes and 25% century-old vineyard), "Maria Pettena" is the woman who wanders in the summer after lunch and abducts disobedient children who do not want to rest.
 In the vineyard Piergraziano does not carry out any treatment, not even with sulfur, mow by hand and barefoot and tucks the soil with the hoe. The vineyard plant is sapling as far as the old vines are concerned, with the sapling ordered for the new ones. The harvest of the grapes is done completely by hand and immediately pressed and de-stemmed, small quantities enter the cellar gradually to fill the vats and the bottom, the first ten crates of each vat is not destemmed and are pressed with the feet. After the departure of the spontaneous fermentation with the indigenous yeasts, the sugars are expected to go down to zero making punching with a chestnut stick every four hours, night and day, after which a week of extraction is still awaited in vats with the skins to the bottom and is drawn off pressing at 80 bar with a hydraulic manual vertical press.

  • Rose Wine
  • 100% Cannonau (macerated into the Granazza skins)
  • Aging in old oak barrels for 6 months
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