MYRTLE LIQUEUR Distilleria Gualco

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Gualco Distillery’s Liquore di Mirto is a product that by now has many years of history behind it. It was created in the 1980s through a partnership between Susanna Gualco and a wine producer in Sardinia, based in the Planargia plateau (near to Bosa in the province of Oristano).
Our way of making this liqueur involves a predominant use of the berries, as well as their leaves and twigs, to give a pleasant, slight bitterness to the liqueur. Only a moderate amount of sugar is used to make the whole thing light and digestive.

-Raw material: Alcohol, fresh myrtle berries from Sardinian pickers, myrtle leaves and twigs, sugar.
-Aging: Infused for a minimum of 3 months in glass demijohns and stainless steel tanks.
-Alcohol: 30 %
-Type of bottle: 700 ml.

-Colour: Quite a dark amber.
-Aroma: Delicate, an easily identifiable scent of myrtle.
-Taste: Delicate in the mouth, sweet, but not too much.

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