Horus 2020, Domaine Philippe Viret

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The vineyards of the Viret Family are situated in the heart of the Cotes du Rhone, between Gigondas and Chateauneuf du Pape. It is a natural area encircled by oak and tall pine trees.

Alain and Philippe Viret created a wine cellar constructed from blocks set into the hillside. Its position takes into account the angle of the sun and is precisely situated on a magnetic force line. They apply the method of natural agriculture “Cosmoculture®“ which is the study of soils elements, earthly line, underground water, and breaks, who have an action on life (plants, trees, animals, humans…) It relies also on the interaction between cosmic and earthly metallic forces. Within the grounds of the vineyard, they implanted basalt rocks who will work on the land meridians. There are precisely placed to draw in energy. This nurtures the intimate relationship between the sky and the earth and creates an atmosphere in which the vines can draw on their natural defences.

In this way, within the vineyard, Alain and Philippe have rediscovered all that is essential of nature. The winemaking combines ancient and modern methods. The grapes are harvested entirely by hand and the date the grapes are picked is set after a very careful analysis of sugar content, acidity, and health. The grapes are then gathered in boxes to avoid them being crushed and the juice exposed to oxidation. Only ripe and healthy grapes are selected using a painstaking operation. Each specific group of grapes from the vineyard ferments in its own vat and can, therefore, develop its own originality and quality. The wine is aged both ways: some in traditional method or amphora for others.

  • Orange Wine
  • Marsanne, Roussanne, Vermentino, Bourboulenc
  • Fermentation occurs spontaneously with native yeast. The wine ages in amphora and steel.

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