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 Distilleria Gualco is a family business that has been producing grappa since 1870. They use a special method called the "Piedmont bain-marie pot still" to create their grappa. This method involves heating the grape pomace indirectly by immersing the pot in boiling water, which prevents the grappa from developing a burnt flavor. This technique also allows the grappa to evaporate slowly, resulting in a smooth and aromatic final product. With eight generations of experience, Distilleria Gualco continues to produce exceptional grappa using traditional methods. 

This Dolcetto d’Ovada grappa is aged for 3 years in 1000-litre oak tonneaux. As these barrels are rather large, three years of ageing brings out the complexity and smoothness of the distilled product without drastically increasing the presence of tannins from the wood.

-Raw material:Dolcetto d'Ovada grape pomace Distillation

-Method: Piedmontese bain-marie pot stil

-Aging: Three years in 1000-liter oak tonneaux

-Alcohol: 42 %

-Type of bottle: 700 ml.

-Colour: Deep straw-yellow.
-Aroma: Complex and elegant with fruity and spicy notes.
-Taste: Smooth, harmonious, and long-lasting with notes of dried fruit.

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