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GRAPPA DI BARBERA- Distilleria Gualco

GRAPPA DI BARBERA- Distilleria Gualco

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 Distilleria Gualco is a family business that has been producing grappa since 1870. They use a special method called the "Piedmont bain-marie pot still" to create their grappa. This method involves heating the grape pomace indirectly by immersing the pot in boiling water, which prevents the grappa from developing a burnt flavor. This technique also allows the grappa to evaporate slowly, resulting in a smooth and aromatic final product. With eight generations of experience, Distilleria Gualco continues to produce exceptional grappa using traditional methods. 

Barbera is a historic grape variety within the winemaking tradition of Montferrat. As with the Dolcetto d’Ovada variety, it is well suited for use in the pot still at the Gualco Distillery.
The main characteristic of this dry and robust Grappa di Barbera is how clean it leaves the palate.

-Raw material: Barbera grape pomace from Monferrato
-Distillation method: Piedmontese bain-marie pot still
-Aging: A young grappa produced in the most recent distillation season, stored in stainless steel tanks for a minimum of six months before being bottled.
-Alcohol: 42 %
-Type of bottle: 700 ml.

-Colour: Colourless, transparent.
-Aroma: Strong and elegant.
-Taste: Dry, but not too much, smooth, and with notes of a red fruit finish.

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