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Krimiso 2015 MGM Aldo Viola

Krimiso 2015 MGM Aldo Viola

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Producer: Aldo Viola

Area: Alcamo, Sicily, Italy.

Aldo Viola's vineyard stretches over 16 hectares close to Alcamo on the northwest coast of Sicily.  Aldo initially tried to avoid continuing in the family's footsteps, but in 2000 was able to release his first vintage of what he calls nature's magic potion. The fields are exceptionally healthy thanks to the organic cultivation and the use of selected biodynamic techniques, which at the same time help to give the wines a strong terroir character. Furthermore, a thorough selection ensures that only the highest quality grapes are used by Aldo Viola, as has happened in the generations before him. This also means that production is modest with only 10,000 bottles a year, but at the same time that Aldo can be involved in the whole process from planting new vines to putting labels on the bottles. The wines are bottled without having been clarified or filtered to preserve their natural qualities, but with a bit of sulfur to ensure their stability. With a philosophy of working in harmony with the forces of nature, Aldo Viola creates elegant terroir-driven wines that only get better with time.

  • Orange Wine 
  • 100% Catarratto.
  • Vinification in Steel Tanks, 5 months of maceration.
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