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Settantasette- il Signor Kurtz

Settantasette- il Signor Kurtz

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Producer: il Signor Kurtz

Area: Umbria, Italy

“I am a small winemaker,” says Marco Durante, “I grow my vineyard on a beautiful hill, in Vallupina by Lake Trasimeno. And sometimes even in other impervious places of my little geography”. Marco’s approach to natural winemaking is simple, “it’s my voice” he says of his wines, “the voice of the earth and of the grape from which it generates, but above all, it is the voice of my soul and of my way of life”. For many years, Marco could be found in the vineyards and cellars of other winemakers across Umbria, studying the land, learning his craft, knowing that one day he would take everything he had experienced and apply it all to his own range.

Il Signor Kurtz – currently just four different wines: a white, a rosato, a red, and a sparkling red, is that range, and while the philosophy behind them may be simple, the process and finished wines are anything but. “I hate shortcuts: the use of technical aids that simplify the processes,” says Marco, “I like the discipline that frees the process. I love magical wines that draw energy from themselves, as if they had a life of their own. I love to make wines that are free to bring along all the energy nature has given them.”


Red Wine


fermented in open vats, matured on the lees, stainless steel tanks

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