AMARO SOLDATINI, Distilleria Gualco

240.00 kr

Grandpa Marcello Soldatini, who worked as a distiller in Genoa, used to prepare numerous traditional liqueurs, including this amaro made using 12 medicinal plants, spices, and citrus fruits.
Today, Giorgio has reinvented this recipe with a modern twist, by adding more sought-after ingredients, such as nearby Ligurian-grown basil and Chinotto di Savona oranges.

-Raw material: Neutral spirit, medicinal plants, spices, citrus fruits, and sugar.
-Aging: Infused for a minimum of three months in glass demijohns and stainless steel drums.
-Alcohol: 30 %
-Type of bottle: Rustica 500 ml
-Organoleptic test:
-Colour: Amber.
-Aroma: Elegant, with notes of cinchona calisaya and citrus fruits hitting the nose first.
-Taste: Delicate, slightly bitter. There is a slight tannicity on the palate and an aftertaste of star anise.

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